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This page shows planned rules for the campaign:

Campaign Type:

  • Mainly Dungeon Delving, some urban/wilderness;  Planned start is within a city

Character Creation:

Level: 1 Start (back to the beginning boys)

Ability Scores by one of following methods:

1) Standard Point Buy (15,14,13,12,10,8)

2) Point Buy System (27 point Buy [8=0;9=1;10=2;11=3;12=4;13=5;14=7;15=9])

3) Roll 4d6 and drop lowest die (rules below)

  1. Standard rules apply, no stats above 20 even with racial modifiers
  2. You are stuck with rolls performed, what you get is what you get
  3. Must be performed in FantasyGrounds with Greg


Spell cost

Standard method (certain spells per levels)

Spell Buy Variant (Spell Point Pool) [rules below]

1) Level 6 spells and higher, character can only cast one spell per spell level from 6-9 per long rest

(i.e. only can cast one 6th level spell, one 7th level spell, one 8th level spell, and one 9th level spell per long rest)

2) Points in pool that are acquired depends on character level

(1st lvl receives 4 points; 2nd lvl = 6 pts; 3rd lvl = 14 pts; 4th = 17 pts; etc.. etc…)

3) Each spell level has a cost to cast

[1st=2 pts; 2nd=3pts; 3rd=5pts; 4th=6pts; 5th=7pts; 6th=9pts; 7th=10pts; 8th=11pts; 9th=13pts]


Variant Feats may be allowed after approval, please let me know of the feat (if you have a good resource for new feats, please send or tell me where to download them from)

XP is awarded by points and milestone system

Combat Changes [these may change depending on how they play out]

  • Initiative will be rerolled for everyone every round for NPC and PC
  • Flanking will give advantage (Must be on opposite side of ally)
  • Critical Hit/Fumble table will be used

General Rule Variants

  • Coins will have weight (10 coins = 0.1 lbs)
  • If you don't eat/drink you will suffer exhaustion as in the PHB.
  • Magical Items generally cannot be purchased, however expendable magical items may be available (including certain wands/rings/potions/scrolls/etc)
  • Inspiration will be rewarded by group to one player at end of session for the next session
  • Level advancement needs no training and occurs after long rest
  • (Still contemplating scalable magical weapons… not sure yet)


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