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Wrath of Ages

Important Information:

  • Start Date: Either 6/22/17 or 7/6/17 {depending on finish date of POTA}
  • Start Time: Character Creation – 8:30 pm EST if rolling 4d6 stats, otherwise come with character ready/starting promptly at 9:30 pm EST as the start of the campaign will be very different from any other start of our campaigns
  • Starting Level: First Level
  • Campaign Type: Mostly dungeon delving, some wilderness/urban
  • Remaining Rules/Variants: Please read the 'Wiki' tab for more information and pdf files for some variant stuff
  • If you want to have some connection to another character in the game, please let me know and discuss this with the other player prior to the start of our campaign.  Otherwise, you do not have to share your class/race with other players. 
  • Play what race/class you want to play, please don't feel like you need to 'fill the role' that is missing.  If there are no clerics, it's ok and will be interesting gameplay.  I promise the party will overcome… you guys tackle anything I throw at you so far…
  • Character death will have a new option/twist in the wrath of ages.

Looking forward to starting yet another new campaign with a great bunch of guys!!  Thanks for playing!!



Home Page

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